Left Cusco Sunday morning. Flew to Lima, had a few hours lay-over and then flew to Piura. Arrived around 7.30 pm. Met three girls going to Máncora as well and we decided to travel together. Outside we met a guy and a couple who were also going so we decided to share two taxis. A little more expensive but a lot faster. I shared with the couple. They were Peruvian but lived in the States. Arrived just before 11 pm and I checked in to Kokopelli, a small but okay hostel with a pool, poolbar and wifi! Next morning I went for a walk to the beach and around the town. It took approx half an hour!! Went back to the hostel and spent the rest of the day by the pool ( and got badly burnt on “the single spot”, the area on the back you can’t reach on your own!). I found a dive center and even though I heard diving was not good I HAD to dive in Southamerica so booked for Wednesday. Tuesday I did absolutely nothing all day and Wednesday we left for diving at 7.30. Arrived at El ñuro and set up the equipment. First we did left side of the jetty. Max depth was 7 m, viz was fairly good. We saw some rays in the beginning of the dive, a seahorse and three ( for me) new nudibranchs so I was very happy. Second dive was on the right side and again rays and nudis but also turtles! The locals feed them to keep them near the jetty so they can charge tourists for the pleasure of watching them… Not good! But all in all they were two good dives and I’m really happy I did it.
At 5.30 pm I caught a bus to Lima. We drove through some amazing desert landscapes. Some of it looked like Dalí or Picasso had passed by! It was an 18 hour drive but I actually managed to sleep for 10 hours.

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