Central America and Colombia

Yay, I`m travelling again😎!

Four months in Central America and Colombia. The first two months I`m travelling with my niece and her friend but after Colombia we go in different directions.

So first stop was Bocas del Toro in Panama for a two weeks Spanish course. I needed to refresh my Spanish and Anna and Kirstine needed to learn Spanish.

Unfortunately it wasn`t the tropical paradise that pictures had led us to believe! It was raining almost every day, there were no beaches close by so you needed to take a bus or a boat and pay $2 per way and the water was murky due to a lot of rivers running into the bay.

The school also had a staffing problem so the classes were not too good. I was in a class below my level so it was mainly refreshing my Spanish but not really learning something new and I didn`t get the intensive course I paid for but just a standard course…

I went diving twice and I just love being in the water with a tank on my back so I`m not complaining about the bad visibility and lack of macro life especially since we saw a new nudibranch, seahorses and a spotted snake eel swimming😊…

The last day the sun was shining so I went out with the boat and did a bit of snorkelling and a lot of sunbathing😎!

After 18 days we took a bus to Panama City (10 hours in the usual freezing cold bus) where we have three days before flying to Colombia the 7th of February.

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