So arrived Thursday around 1 pm. Had booked a dorm bed at Point hostel in Barranco. When I saw the room I almost left immediately! It was the most discusting room I’ve ever seen (and I’ve lived in places with rats, cockroaches and rubbish everywhere!). There were dirty clothes piled high on the entire floor, leftover food on the table and a really bad smell. It was only for one night so I decided to stay which I kind of regretted when my lovely roommates came home drunk at 4 am and turned the light on. And off. And on… They also talked really loud and were just plain annoying for an hour even after I asked them to be quiet. In the morning I found out they had also stolen my water so suddenly I got this urge to turn on the light, repack my bag, check the content of my plasticbags and slam the door every time I went out of the room ( which I “needed” to do five times.
Well, back to what I did! After checking in I took a bus to Museo Larco which has a huge collection of pre-Columbian ceramics but is most known for its collection of erotic pottery showing all kinds of sexual acts and also shows sexual diseases… Took the bus back to Barranco and had a delicious burrito for dinner.
Next morning I got up early, checked out of the horrible hostel and in to my new hostel and took a fast bus to Lima Centro where I spent 8 hours… Started at Plaza San Martin where I just missed a huge military event, strolled up to Plaza de Armas where I watched the changing of the guard, a one hour show with music, slow walking with high knee lift, salutes and so on. Went to the catacombs in Monestary San Francisco and saw 70.000 bones, mainly femurs, stacked symetrically… Walked around some more, had a huge roast pork sandwich for lunch and went back to Barranco around 6 pm.
At 6.30 I met with the group I’m travelling with for the next three weeks and our CEO, Alim, explained about the trip and Peru.
Saturday I got up early again and went to Miraflores by bus. Had a spinach/ mango shake and bought a very good bagel for my lunch. Walked along the cliffs next to the beach halfway back to Barranco and took the bus the rest of the way. At 12.30 we left Lima.

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