Not a typical experience!

Today I went to the temple of the moon with a Shaman, his cousin and two of my friends! One was doing a cleansing ritual and I just wanted to come along to see something new and not a tourist trap.
We left at 7 am. First we took a taxi, then a bus, then a minibus and finally we walked for 40 min!
It was a beautiful place in the mountains with a little waterfall where the Incas build kind of windows where they put their clothes when they were bathing. Right next to the waterfall there was a stone shaped like a bird with beak and everything and the Incas always asked that bird permission to approach and to pray and so did we.
We were all invited to do the initial cleansing ritual and I thought well there is a first for everything and accepted! We each got three coca leaves that represents the world, the heaven and the underworld. Then the shaman took away all our evil spirits and bad memories and threw them in the river. After that they did the ritual with my friend and I was allowed to watch and participated a little. At the end we meditated in front of the Puma ( a rock naturally shaped as a puma head) who is very knowledgeable.
Rested for a while and went back to Cusco where we had a nice and extremely cheap meal.
I have been invited to join them to the Temple of the Sun on Tuesday but I don’t think I’ll be in Cusco…

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